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Getting Started

NEMS is about having fun with some great people while enjoying the sport of ski racing. We want the hardest part of your race to be figuring out which wax to use and not how to sign up for it. The below checklist will help new racers quickly navigate the initial setup process so that you can get into the start gate quicker. Once you are all set up, you can register for races with just the click of a button. 

For more details on each of the below items, please scroll down. To download the New Racer Checklist - Click Here.

New NEMS Racer Checklist: 


Key NEMS Contacts:

General Questions: Matt Mitsis - President ([email protected])

Race Info: Lucy Blake – Race Administrator ([email protected])

Race Registration: Stacey Weston – Web Administrator ([email protected])


Create Account on

Registration for all NEMS races is done on You need an account to register for any race. This will only take about two minutes and once you have an account, registering for a race is done in just a few clicks.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login or Sign Up” on the left side of the screen 
  3. Select “Create New Account” at the top of the page 
  4. Create a Username and Password follow instructions to confirm account
  5. Verify Account – You will receive an email to confirm your new account 
  6. Create Profile – Once your account has been verified, you can create your profile by answering a few basic questions. 
    • Race Series – Select “New England” to default to all NEMS events
  7. Important Info:
    • USSS # - This is not required to create an account. If a race is under the USSS sanction, which you can see on the schedule, a valid license will be required to participate. 
    • Credit Card – A valid credit card is required to complete your profile. NEMS does not charge until after the event, so if you register, but need to cancel, you simply unregister from the event. 
  8. Select Races - Once your account is set up, simply select the race(s) you want to attend by clicking the “Register” button next to the race. Once you do this, four (4) things will happen: 
    • A green notification will appear at the top of the page indicating that you have successfully registered for the race. 
    • The “Register” button will change to “Unregister
      1. This means you are registered
      2. To unregister from a race, simply select “Unregister
    • “You are registered” will appear under the spots left number
    • Confirmation Email – You will immediately receive an email from ASR confirming that you have registered for the event.  


Sign Up for NEMS Email Distribution List

  • Be sure you aren’t missing updates on races, camps, training sessions, or any other important NEMS announcements. We do not provide your info to anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time. To sign up for the email distribution list: Click Here
  • Emails will come from: [email protected]. Make sure you add this address to your contacts, safe sender list, or other filters to prevent the emails from going to spam.


Create Account with U.S. Ski & Snowboard

NEMS operates as a division under U.S. Ski & Snowboard (USS&S). As a result, many NEMS races are sanctioned under the guidelines of USS&S which require all racers to hold a USS&S license. This is essentially another level of insurance in addition to a racer’s normal medical insurance. 

How to determine if a race is sanctioned:

  1.  Race Info Sheet – Each race will have a Race Info Sheet. This document will indicate if a race is sanctioned or not.  
  2. Download Schedule – Click the Download Schedule button at the top of page. A copy of the schedule will appear. There is a column labeled “USSS License Required”. If there is a “Yes” for a race, that means the race is under the USSS sanction and all racers are required to have a valid USSS Masters License.

Important: If you are new to Masters racing we can provide you with a complimentary Short-Term Masters license. This will be good for one day only. Please contact the NEMS Race Administrator, Lucy Blake at [email protected]. She will provide you the instructions on how to sign up for the short-term membership. 

  • To Renew or Create a USS&S account, go to:
    • Renewing:
      1. Login into your account and choose a license to purchase
    • New Members:
      1. Select “Create an Account” at the bottom of the page and fill in the necessary info on the membership form. 


  • Choose a License (Full or Short-Term)
    • Which license you need will depend on how much racing you plan to do. 
      1. Alpine Master - More than 1 Event with 5 consecutive days ($135)
        • If you are planning to race in a few events during a season
        • The Alpine Master license covers all races during the season 
        • It also comes with some great member benefits
      2. Short-Term Alpine Master – 1 Event up 5 consecutive days ($35/day)
        • A great option for racers only planning on racing in 1 sanctioned event with up to 5 consecutive days. 
        • If you decide to race more and want to purchase a (Full) Alpine Master membership, the cost of the short-term license will be credited against that that cost. 

Current Non-Masters USSS Licenses: 

  • Alpine Competitor - You can add the Alpine Master license for FREE. Just call USS&S Member Services at (435) 647-2666 and provide your current USS&S member number. 
  • Alpine Coach - New for the 2022-23 season, every Coach License automatically comes with a Masters License at no additional cost. 


Get the STACK TEAM App

NEMS uses the STACK TEAM App to publish info about races such as general race info, start lists, DNF/DSQ lists, race results, etc. It is highly recommended that racers download the STACK TEAM App and follow the New England Masters Ski Racing page.

STACK Team App






Follow NEMS on Social Media (@NEMSRacing)

We post a lot of info, photos, and videos on our social media accounts. Follow @NEMSRacing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter so you don’t miss out. Make sure to tag @NEMSRacing and #nemsracing on your race day posts as well! We love it when our racers share their race day experiences. 


Verify Your Equipment

It is important that racers have the right equipment on race day. It not only makes the race safer, but it typically makes the race more enjoyable as well. There are usually many questions about equipment. To get started check out the Masters Equipment and Rules guide. 

Helmet: (Very Important!)

  • Helmets are required for all races. No exceptions. 
  • FIS helmets are required for GS/SG/DH
  • Giant Slalom, Super G, or Downhill - hard-sided FIS helmet is required.
  • Slalom - Soft-sided helmet is allowed. Hard-sided is recommended.
  • Any questions, or need a second opinion, please contact us!

FIS Helmet Sticker






Race Suits:

  • Race suit is NOT required. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.


Have FUN!!!

The most important part of racing with NEMS, outside of your safety, is that you have fun. To have fun you just need to show up and the rest will take care of itself!