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George Anderson Spirit of Masters Award

George Anderson

Named in memory of beloved NEMS legend, George Anderson, who passed away suddenly in 2008, this prestigious award is given to the NEMS competitor who truly exemplifies the spirt of Masters racing in New England.  Selected annually by the Board of Directors, the recipient of this award can be easily characterized by each of the below criteria. The racer must:

  • Excel in participation
  • Always be cheerful and congenial
  • Values and honor the friendships forged through Masters
  • Knows almost everyone and greet everyone with a smile
  • Be quick to lend a hand to anyone who needs one and
  • Always carries at least double his or her weight in coats at each race!
2009 Justin Rubinstein 2013 Dale Maynard 2017 Mike Suriani 2021  
2010 Tom Lahaise 2014 Alphonse Sevigny 2018 Matt Dodge 2022 Derek Griggs
2011 Katie George 2015 John Spooner 2019 Eric Vitiello 2023 Deb Adams
2012 Patti Lane 2016 Chuck Thorndike 2020 Mark George    



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