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Sise Cup - Men's & Women's Overall Champion

Named in honor of Al Sise, the father of alpine masters ski racing and a member of both the Vermont Ski Museum Hall of Fame and the National Ski Hall of Fame. The Sise Cup is the most prestigious award within the New England Masters and is bestowed to the top man and women points holders at the end of each race season.

Sise Cup Winners - 2021
Sise Cup Champions
Year Men Women Year Men Women
1971 Brooks Dodge   2001 Will Withington Caroline Beckedorff
1972 Rodger Buchika   2002 Chris Johnson Jessie McAleer
1973 Rodger Buchika   2003 Bob Hill Jessie McAleer
1974 Brooks Dodge   2004 Matt Aeschliman Jessie McAleer
1975 Rodger Buchika   2005 Bob Hill Caroline Beckedorff
1976 Rodger Buchika   2006 David Wolff Jessie McAleer
1977 Rodger Buchika Debbie McLane 2007 Mark George Caroline Beckedorff
1978 Rodger Buchika Debbie McLane 2008 Randy Detrick Caroline Beckedorff
1979 Jeff Jacobs Debbie McLane 2009 Ben Green Jessie McAleer
1980 Peter Cater Debbie Carter 2010 Ben Green Jessie McAleer
1981 Peter Cater Susan MacNeil 2011 Mark George Jessie McAleer
1982 Peter Cater Susan Fisher 2012 Ben Green Katie George Green
1983 John Macomber Debbie Carter 2013 Ben Green Katie George Green
1984 John Macomber Debbie Carter 2014 Ben Green Lisa Marien
1985 Bob Rose Debbie Carter 2015 Matthew Dodge Alex Mitchell
1986 Bob Rose Susan Fisher 2016 Kevin O’Brien Jackie Levy
1987 Rich Wright / David Dodge Joan Crane Barthold 2017 Kevin O’Brien Taylor Knortz
1988 Bob Hill Joan Crane Barthold /    Kathy-Rae Presby 2018 Matthew Dodge Jackie Levy
1989 Rich Wright Joan Crane Barthold 2019 Matthew Dodge Alex Mitchell
1990 Wayne Wright Kathy-Rae Presby 2020 Matthew Dodge Alex Mitchell
1991 Bob Hill Lisa Feinberg Densmore 2021 Matthew Dodge Becka Padgett
1992 Bob Hill Joan Crane Barthold 2022 Matthew Dodge Kerry Finch
1993 William McGrath Lisa Feinberg Densmore      
1994 William McGrath Lisa Feinberg Densmore      
1995 Tyler Palmer Kim Wolff      
1996 William McGrath Lisa Feinberg Densmore      
1997 William McGrath Brooks Axelson      
1998 Chris Johnson Brooks Axelson      
1999 Chris Johnson Lisa Feinberg Densmore      
2000 Chris Johnson Melissa Patterson