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Message From the Board of Directors - A Changing of the Guard

Nadine Price

Masters ski racing has a long and storied history here in New England. After all, it was Al Sise that created the “Masters” division in New England in 1971. New England Masters was formally created not long after that, and we have been going strong ever since. But that type of longevity does not just happen. It takes leadership. Over the last 14 years, Nadine Price has been that leader, serving as President of the New England Masters. However, this spring, Nadine informed the board that she wished to step down from the President role but remain on the Board. Following this decision, the Board unanimously elected Matt Mitsis as the next President of New England Masters Skiing with Price moving into the vacated Vice President role. This change is effective June 1, 2021. 

Nadine began racing with NEMS in 1995 and has been a fixture both on and off the slopes ever since. In 1997 Price formally joined the NEMS Board of Directors as the Secretary, a position she would hold for the next five years. In 2002, Price became Vice President and served in that role until 2007 when she was voted in as President. 

Over the next 14 years, Price oversaw the transformation of the NEMS Board, and many of its processes, while also solidifying the foundation required to operate NEMS as a not-for-profit organization. She accomplished these feats while operating in one of the most challenging environments Masters ski racing had ever faced due to the global financial crisis and industry headwinds. Her sacrifice and perseverance to keep NEMS going for future generations of Masters racers has been nothing short of remarkable, and much of what NEMS is today can be largely attested to the extraordinary work Price accomplished during her tenure as President.  

Matt joined the NEMS Board in the spring of 2015 and most recently served as Vice President for the previous two seasons. During his tenure, Mitsis has worked on many key initiatives, such as Marketing, Race Scheduling, Event Planning, Data Management, and Board Continuity. Through his efforts, the NEMS brand has grown considerably through its social media platforms and content creation, which has attracted new racers and sponsors. Mitsis also lead the push for NEMS to expand geographically, with four new venues and two new states over the last three years. At the Board level Mitsis has worked to develop processes to help reduce business risk while improving efficiency in the decision-making process. Most recently, Mitsis played a key role in orchestrating the successful navigation of the 2021 NEMS race season through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Please join us in congratulating both Matt and Nadine on their new roles. We are very fortunate to have two strong leaders at the forefront of the NEMS organization who dedicate their time and energy to Masters ski racing. We are excited for the future of NEMS and look forward to seeing everyone out on the slopes again this winter. 


Board of Directors
New England Masters Skiing