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Dig Deep Academy Special Offer

Dig Deep Academy

Greetings New England Masters Racers!

I hope you all had a great Winter season of quality training, successful races and a TON OF FUN! I got to coach a few of you at the Wachusett NEMS camp in Jan! Hope to see many of you next Jan as well!

As we enter the off-season of Ski Racing it is a great time make big gains in your physical fitness including strength, power, agility, endurance and ski-specific movements. And our ELITEAM Dig Deep Program has all of that and more for Masters racers.

We invite all Masters athletes to join us this Summer and Fall and take a huge step to improve your skiing by participating in our Dig Deep workouts. We have a Special Deal all summer/fall of 50% off the workouts! 

That is just $25/month!

Coupon Code for 50% off: 2022SUMMER

We had a lot of Masters racers doing the Dig Deep Gym workouts last Summer and Fall and all said that they were stronger and more confident once skiing started. It is amazing how fitness improves note only your ability to bend and carve the ski, but it also gives you more confidence as you stand in the start. And don’t forget that a well-tuned body is the best prevention against injury!

To join us, hit this link and create an account.


Once you do that you need to then ADD YOURSELF AS AN ATHLETE!!! It sounds confusing, but on our platform, you need to add yourself as a Child/Athlete and buy the workout program for your Child/Athlete which is YOU!

If you already have a Dig Deep account from last year, you can log as the Parent and add the workouts to you as the child/athlete.

More info on the program is below. However, if you have questions or thoughts, please reach out to me at [email protected] any time.


Doug Lewis

Two-Time Olympian

Founder of ELITEAM