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Masters Camp Venue Change

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This week we made the decision to move our camp venue to Mount Snow. The dates, formats, and coaches will all be the same. We will just be at a different venue. I know many of you have been eagerly waiting to hear when the camp will open for registration, and I expect there to be some mixed emotions about the decision. We have been working to finalize the camp details since August, but there have been many challenges this year that have slowed the process down and have been frustrating to work through. So please know that decision was not made lightly, or in haste. However, it is ultimately in the best decision for all parties.

As a reminder, we also have 2 GS races at Mount Snow on Friday, Jan. 13th so we will now be at the venue for 5 straight days. We also have 2 SL races at Whaleback on Sat. Jan. 14th. Needless to say it will be a packed week of events. 

So what's next? We are taking care of a few administrative items that are required to run camps, and I expect to have the camp registration open soon. NEMS Members will still get first dibs, and will receive an email letting them know the camp registration is open. We will post an updated Camp Flyer with all of the details as well.

We are excited to be at Mount Snow for the week, and their team is pumped to have our group in. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at: [email protected].