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Stratton Race Weekend - Important Update

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Stratton Race Weekend - Important Update

Hello Racers - 

The weather forecast is not looking great for Wednesday through Friday this week, with warming temperatures and varying degrees of rain expected. After discussing the situation with all of the parties involved, we have decided to make the following changes: 

Stratton Schedule Change

We understand this change will impact everyone differently. Our primary goal when organizing any event is always racer safety. We do not compromise on that. The race surface conditions that will result from the looming weather pattern will not provide a safe race environment for a speed event, whether it be training or a race. Furthermore, holding a race in the rain is also viewed as a sub-optimal experience, which is why the decision was made not to hold a Slalom race on Friday in place of the Super-G races. 

Lift Tickets:

Stratton will honor the $25 daily lift ticket for any of our racers who wish to ski and/or train on Thursday and Friday.

Slalom Training: Thursday & Friday

There are a few moving parts here so please read carefully. We will also cover this during the review session on Tuesday at 6:00 PM. 



A) If you registered for the Super G training on Thursday, we have deleted that event, and you will not be billed anything. There is no longer any SG training. 

B) If you registered for the 2 SG races on Friday, we moved that event to Sunday and all registered racers are still registered for the 2 SG races. If you can no longer be at the SG races because they have been moved to Sunday, please un-register yourself so you do not get charged a DNS fee. 

If you previously could not race in the SG races on Friday but you can now race on Sunday, please make sure and register for the SG races on Sunday.

C) We are now offering SL training on both Thursday and Friday. We have created 2 new events in ASR for SL Training on both Thursday and Friday. If you would like to participate in either or both days, please go into ASR and register for these events. Additional details on the Slalom training (location, trail, and time) will be provided as we approach the event date.

D) Nothing is changing with the GS race on Saturday so if you were previously registered, you are still registered. If you have not registered for the GS on Saturday, there is still time to register.   


Race After-Parties

Friday: Green Door Pub (Mulligan’s - Stratton Village)

We might not be holding races but that is no reason to skip out on a perfectly good party. We will still gather at Green Door Pub (downstairs in Mulligans in the Stratton Village) at 3:00 PM on Friday. We will have an assortment of light bites and there will be a few drink specials to help wash it down. 

Saturday: TBD

The awards party for Saturday is challenging and is still a work in progress. Stay tuned for details. 

Sunday: Stratton Mountain School

We wanted to do something special to close out the Stratton weekend and there might not be anything more special and iconic than the Stratton Mountain School (SMS). Located just down the road from the main parking lots, we invite racers to join us at SMS to celebrate the conclusion of a weekend of races. We will be handing out plenty of hardware and prizes in addition to providing some pizza and refreshments. 


Stratton Info Session:

There will be an info session on Tuesday at 6:00 PM. We will cover all of these changes as well as everything else you will need to know for the weekend. A replay will be available for anyone unable to attend. 



Matt Mitsis


New England Masters Ski Racing