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Okemo Races - Need Some Help

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To all New England Masters Racers,

Mother Nature was oh so cruel to us last weekend. The storm that brought rain, fog, ice, and snow caused us to cancel all 4 planned races at Stratton. The good news is that the Stratton race department managed to get us hill space and set up SL training every day for us. Thank you, Stratton Mountain.

We are extremely excited about going back to Okemo this week for 2 SG races (Thursday 2/1) and one GS race (Friday 2/2). Unfortunately, Okemo is still feeling the effects of last week’s rainstorm. Okemo’s B-Netting took a big hit. Their race crew has been working on the netting, but it is a big job and they have asked us for help. They are hoping that we can get 15+ people to go over there on Wednesday to help with the netting.

We realize that most of you were probably planning arrive at Okemo either Wednesday night or Thursday morning but if you can get there at some point on Wednesday and get out on the hill and help with fencing it would be a big help to make sure these races go off.

If you can help out on Wednesday, please e-mail [email protected] ASAP so we can let Okemo know how many people we can send over to help out. Please let us know approximately what time you would be able to get out on the hill on Wednesday as well. You will need to register that you are there to work. They will obviously give you a free lift ticket to get out on the hill.

IMPORTANT - If we cannot get the netting done, we may have to cancel one or both races at Okemo. If you register to help with netting on Wednesday, and the race(s) are cancelled, you will receive a free lift ticket to ski at Okemo for Thursday and Friday. We will give you details when you reply.

Okemo knows this is a big ask but this is ski racing in New England! Thank you all for your consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Matt Mitsis


New England Masters Ski Racing