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Gibson Cup

The Gibson Cup was organized by Harvey Dow Gibson and his wife Helen to stimulate ski racing interest in the Eastern Slope Ski Club. The history of the Gibson Cup stretches back to the winter of 1940 and is named after one of Cranmore’s founding fathers, Harvey Dow Gibson. Gibson cleared the first trails on the slopes of Mount Cranmore in 1937 and was key in the relocation of Austrian Hannes Schneider to North Conway who later became known as “the father of American skiing” and the director of the Cranmore Ski School.

The Gibson Cup has had a number of formats over the past 75+ years.  From 1940-1966 the race served as a premier racing event attracting many of the top racers in the East. In 1989 the Gibson Cup was revived as a Masters event. Race organizers used a format which divided racers’ times by their ages for the event.

More recently, the Gibson Cup was awarded to the overall winner of a two day combined race for New England Masters (NEMS) Series. The weekend long event was comprised of a Giant Slalom and a Slalom race. The overall winner of the 2-day event would have their names inscribed upon the Trophy that still hangs on the wall of Zip’s Pub.  The names on the Trophy are familiar to the ski racing community and include former US Ski Team members, Olympians and World Cup and Pro Tour Racers; but the race has not been held as a NEMS event since 2011.

In 2017, the Gibson Cup made its return as a 5-Race series held in conjunction with, but separate from, Mountain Meisters. For more information on the current Gibson Cup race series please visit the Cranmore Mountain Meisters Race page.

Year Men Women
1940 Toni Matt Margaret Phillips
1941 Toni Matt Susan Sise
1942 Toni Matt Paula Kann
1943 Toni Matt Paula Kann
1944 Robert Berring Jr. Paula Kann
1945 Robert Savard Paula Kann
1946 Kristofer Berg Paula Kann
1947 Toni Matt Paula Kann
1948 Kalle Nergaard Ann Dodge
1949 Tor Arnenerg / George Macomber Anne Johnson
1950 Gale Shaw Jr. Anne Johnson Jones
1951 W. Douglas Burden Ellanor Sharpe / Betsy Strong
1952 Edi Mall Jimmie Snively
1953 Othmar Schneider Anne Johnson Jones
1954 Charly Furrer Anne Johnson Jones
1955 Chiharu Igaya Inger Jorgensen
1956 Edi Mall Leona Reny
1957 Tom Corcoran Penny Pitou
1958 Edi Mall Mary Lind
1959 Tom Corcoran Sally Deaver
1960 Don Henderson Betty Ann Bell
1961 Skip Bryan Mary Stowell
1962 Norton Webber Jr. Marsha Fletcher
1963 Roger Buchika Mary Stowell
1989 Herbert Schneider Pam Fischer
1995 Richard Wright Kim Wolff
1996   Lisa Densmore
1997 Bill McGrath Meg St John
1998 Tyler Palmer Lisa Densmore
1999 Brian Dewsnap Lisa Densmore
2000 Pat McNamara Melissa Patterson
2001 Chris Johnson Karen Nash
2002   Susanna Witcher
2003 Sean Florian Jessie McAleer
2004 Sean Florian Carolyn Beckedorff
2005 Tip Kimball Carolyn Beckedorff
2006 Alex Gadbios Jessie McAleer
2007 Matt Aschliman Jessie McAleer
2008 Brent Grygiel Carolyn Beckedorff
2009 Luke Hiebert Jessie McAleer
2010 Terrance Fogarty Jessie McAleer
2011 Luke Hiebert Jessie McAleer
2017 Ace Tarberry Maggie Flynn
2018 Ace Tarberry Maggie Flynn