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Legends Cup (Finals Venue)

The Legends Cup was established as way to remember and honor all those passed racers that impacted Masters Racing in a meaningful way as well to pass our heritage onto the younger racers among us.

Different from our other races, the Legends Cup is a handicapped race and the female/male winner is determined on a net time basis.

Rod Aller Jane Hough Dick Prentice
George Anderson Ginny Hunt Arne Rostadt
Alan Beck Keith Jones Al  Sise
Bob Butler Woody Jones Hub Sise
George Caner Cynthia Lathrop Marshall & Joan Skiff
Dick Comey – Comey Comets Chris Leuci Rod Taylor
Jim Cook Curt Lipke Jack Tobin
Fred Crane Tom Maynes Larry Voelker
Cheeb Everitt Billy Mcgrath Harold Wescott
Bob Fisher Egil Nillsen Heinz Paul Wieser
Nate Grifkin Frasier Noble Dick Wood