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Stacey Weston

Web Administrator
Warren, VT

Stacey is the Web Administrator for NEMS. In this role, Stacey manages the event registration process and our website.


Stacey started skiing when she was only 1.5 years old! Her father was the Assistant Ski School Director at Mad River Glen, so learning to ski as soon as she could walk was somewhat of a requirement. Stacey started her racing career at the age of 5 at Otis Ridge in the Berkshires. She raced in Tri-State, made the JC Jr. Nationals, went to Burke Mt Academy for 3 years, made the CanAm team and then called it a day.

Stacey went to college in Rhode Island, and then moved to Florida for 8 years. She moved back to New England in 1990 and got back into racing– first ASRA (now Mid-Atlantic Masters) and associated programs. I was ‘persuaded’ into racing Masters in 1991! It initially scared the $#*^ out of me, but I have met so many incredible people (then and now) and am still having a blast!

Stacey started racing with NEMS in 1992. She was a member of the Board for a couple of years before moving over to the Web Administrator role.

Professional Background:

Medical Technologist (MT-ASCP), followed by a Masters’ in Chemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry. Current responsibilities - setting up and Investigator Initiated Studies program at a Cambridge pharmaceutical company.