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Did Not Start (DNS)

A Did Not Start (DNS) fee of $10 is charged where a racer fails to participate in an event in which they are listed as registered. Racers have until 12pm (Noon) the previous day to officially unregister from an event through the registration system (ASR). If a racer must unregister for a race event following the 12pm (Noon) deadline, the racer can email the NEMS Race Administrator ([email protected]). Requests for cancellation after the deadline are best efforts. There are no day-of race cancellations permitted. 

To participate in a race, a racer must register an official start by physically breaking the timing wand at the race start. 

If a registered racer checks in at registration, takes a ticket, and rides the lift, the racer will be charged the full race price. 

For race events with two races in one day, if a racer completed the first race but does not start in the second race, the racer will be charged the full race price. 

DNS - Sold Out Events

If the total number of racers who can participate in an event is capped, it is possible an event could become sold out. In the event that an event is sold out, a waitlist will be started. If a racer is registered for an event which is sold out, and the racer does not start in the race, the racer will be charged the full race fee for that event. 

DNS Fee Appeal

If a racer is unable to confirm their cancellation request, and they feel their circumstances warrant a waiver of the DNS Fee, the racer can write an appeal to the NEMS Executive Committee (email: [email protected]). Appeals must be received within 2 calendar days following the charge being processed.