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Beer League Challenge

Beer League Challenge

In addition to Masters races, many of our racers also participate in night/beer leagues at various mountains around New England during the week. Being the competitors that we are, there has been a long standing debate around which league is in fact the best.

Established in 2015, the Beer League Challenge is a race to settle all doubts about which mountain has the best beer/night league team each season. As one of only two “team” races on the NEMS schedule, the Beer League Challenge has quickly become one of the more popular races on the circuit with the winning team not only receiving ultimate bragging rights but also taking home a delicious case of beer in addition to number other prizes worthy of only the best of the best.

Below are the rules:

  • Teams of six racers (male/female/mixed)
  • The men’s overall finish results are divided into four quarters
  • The women’s overall finish results are split into halves
  • Each of the quarters and halves is scored using old World Cup scoring
  • All finisher’s points are added up for the team they are on
  • The team with the highest points wins the ultimate bragging rights to best beer league in New England!
2015 2016 2017 2018
Women of Wachusett Women of Wachusett   Dilly Dilly
Lisa Marien Lisa Marien Mark George Matt Mitsis
Lauren Bennett Lauren Bennett   Kevin O’Brien
Kate Parhiala Kate Parhiala   Leonard Kwan
Shannan Budde Shannan Budde   Kate Parhiala
  Martha Hanright   Sara Melekian
  Jackie Levy   Cynthia Berlack