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Minimum Number of Starts

Racers are required to have a minimum number of starts in order to be eligible for the end-of-season Class awards. While rare, the minimum number of starts can change during the season if the total number of races available changes. 

Min Number of Starts = 4 races

**Events with multiple races in one day (i.e. 2 GS) will count as two available starts. Racers must start in both races in order to receive credit for both starts

To qualify for the end of season Class award, a racer must do the following:

1) Be a paid NEMS Member, and

2) Have the minimum number of starts

Final Class rankings, for racers who qualify based on the above criteria, will be calculated as the total class points for the “best of” number of races for that specific season. See below for “best of” calculation. The highest “best of” number of races shall not exceed 9 races. 


In the event of a tie, we will look at  the racer’s number of first place finishes. The racer with the most first place finishes will win the tiebreaker. If the number of first place finishes does not resolve the tiebreaker, we will then look at the number of second place finishes and so on and so forth until a winner can be determined. 

NEMS Membership

For more information on the NEMS Membership dues, including the secondary dues option for racers whose primary region is not NEMS, click here.