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Mt. Southington

Mount Southington is low-key by most standards, but don’t let that fool you. The Slalom here is the real deal!  The start is perhaps one of the most unique we will see on our circuit, requiring racers to walk up to the start that is perched high above. Racers will bolt out of the start onto an initial flat section that has you pushing until the pitch when the real excitement starts. From there, the course heads down to the finish, with racers navigating combos, pitch, and just a good flowing course all around.

A new twist to the event this year will be a bracket-style, one-run elimination round in the afternoon. Here is how it will work.

  • The first race (2 runs) will count as a normal race, and it will also serve as a “qualifier”. 
  • Racers will be placed in brackets based on their age classes (Group A/B/C/D).
    • Groups will follow traditional Masters National Grouping age class guidelines. 
    • Groups might be modified based on the allocation of racers within each group to smooth out brackets. 
  • Within each group, racers will be ranked based on the result of Race 1. For example, the fastest male racer within classes 1-5 will receive the top seed in Group A bracket, with the slowest racer receiving the lowest seed in the bracket. 
  • Racers will compete against each other in a one-run elimination round based on their seeding within their respective groups. 
  • For each matchup, the lower-seeded racer will go first, followed by the other racer in the pairing. The racer who finishes with the lowest time moves on to the next round. 

Other Details:

We want everyone to have the opportunity to get a third run, so any racer who has a DNF or DSQ in the first race, will still be able to participate. We will determine the best course of action once we know how many racers are impacted. 

We encourage ALL racers to stick around at the bottom of the train and cheer on the racers competing. This will be a fun event and entertaining to watch. 

There will be an after-party on the patio following the conclusion of the event. The event is sponsored by Whalers Brewing Company, so keep an eye out for drink specials and make sure you pick up a pint on Whalers at the bar!

For more details on race times, please see the Race Info Sheet

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, Feb. 3rd
  • Discipline: Slalom
  • Race Fee: $85 (Includes Lift Ticket)
  • Lift Ticket: Included in Race Fee
  • USSS Masters License Required?:  Yes. Questions? Contact Lucy Blake at: [email protected]
  • NEMS Membership Required?: See NEMS Membership Policy for more info. 
  • Age Restriction: 18+ years old
  • Helmet: Yes - Soft-sided SL helmet allowed.
  • Registration:
  • Race Payment: NEMS does not charge until AFTER the race. A valid CC on your ASR profile is required.  

The Schedule: Saturday, Feb. 3rd

  • 7:30 - 9:00 AM - Registration Open
  • 8:30 AM - Lift Opens
  • 8:30 - 9:15 AM - Inspection
  • 9:30 AM - Race Start
  • Race 2 times TBD
  • Awards - 1 hr following end of 2nd race