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Stratton Race Weekend

NEMS is back at Stratton and it’s going to be quite a few exciting days in Vermont! Stratton is no stranger to big-time events, so get ready for some races, parties, and excitement! 


Race Registration Link
  • All race registration is facilitated through the NEMS Racing online registration system, AdminSkiRacing (ASR). 
  • To register, you must have an account/profile on
  • If you need to create an account, click here for instructions. It will only take a couple of minutes to set up. 
  • Once you have an account with ASR, you can register for any NEMS race with a click of a button.
  • Race Payment - A valid credit card on file is required. NEMS does not process charges until after the event. 
  • Race Withdrawal - Racers can withdraw from an event, without penalty, until the date and time listed on the event page. 
  • Did Not Start Fee - If a racer is registered for an event, and does not attend, they will be charged a Did Not Start Fee of $20.00 in place of the Race Fee. A racer is not charged both fees. For more info on the DNS Fee, please visit the NEMS Policy page:

The Schedule:

  • Thurs., Jan. 25th - Slalom Training
  • Fri., Jan. 26th - Slalom Training
  • Sat., Jan. 27th - Giant Slalom Race - Janeway Cup
  • Sun., Jan. 28th - 2 x Super-G Races

To Register for races:

Important Things to Remember:

  • The Race Registration Table will be located in the Main Base Lodge past the cafeteria. 
  • The registration deadline is listed on the registration page for all events. 
  • There is no day of race registration for these events. 
  • Be sure you have a valid credit card on your ASR profile. 
  • Lift Tickets: $25. They are not included in the Race Fee. 
  • USSS Masters License: Required. Short-term (1 day) licenses available. Contact NEMS RA for details: [email protected] 
  • Helmet Requirement: Hard-sided, FIS certified, helmet is required for the SG Training, SG Races, and GS Race.
  • Bibs - NEMS will provide bibs to all racers. If you already have a NEMS bib please bring it. 
  • Stratton Weather - Stratton is notorious for tricky weather. Consider bringing an extra jacket/vest to leave at finish. 
  • For specific race start times please see the Stratton Race Info Sheet
Stratton Village


Info Session Details

There will be an optional Info Session covering the entire Stratton race weekend. A replay will be available following the session for anyone unable to attend. Below are the Info Session details:  

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 23rd

Time: 6:00 PM EST

Join Zoom Meeting -

Meeting ID: 485 676 0312

Passcode: nems


Awards Parties:

Be sure to join your fellow racers following the race for some beverages, food, storytelling, and of course prizes and awards. Times listed are estimates and are subject to change based on the progress of the race. Any updates will be communicated to the group. 

  • Fri., Jan. 26th - 3:00 PM @ Mulligans (Green Door Pub - Downstairs)
  • Sat., Jan. 27th - 3:00 PM @ TBD
  • Sun., Jan. 28th - 3:00 PM @ Stratton Mountain School

Important note on the Saturday awards party:
Stratton is a busy venue and an even more expensive venue to hold a party. Outside of the Stratton Village, there are little to no options available to host events within close proximity. Saturday is also the most difficult and expensive day to hold an event during the winter season.

We are still working to determine the location for Saturday's awards. Updates will be posted as they become available. 


If you are driving to Stratton there are a few things to keep in mind when figuring out where to park. 

  1. Main Parking Lot - Open to the public Wed & Thurs. This is the closest to the village/base lodge. 
  2. Friday/Sat - Upper Lot is closed to the public (parking pass required). Lot 1 is the best option. It is across the street and Stratton provides free and frequent bus service. 
  3. Timing - Stratton can/will get very busy. Get to the mountain early to get the best parking. 
Stratton Parking Lots

Home Base / Main Base Lodge

Daily race registration will take place in the main level of the base lodge just past the cafeteria. It’s the usual spot for anyone who has raced at Stratton before. This is a big room with plenty of tables and seating. Most racers will get ready here. This area is open to the general public. Bags are not allowed to be left here. There is a free bag watch, as well as cubbies, at the other end of the lodge. 

Ski Racks: 

There are plenty of ski racks located outside of the base lodge. It is highly recommended that you lock your skis. While Stratton is not known for ski theft, it is certainly possible. 

Mid-Mountain Lodge:

Stratton has a lodge located at mid-mountain that is a perfect amenity for racers on race day. Racers can bring a second pair of skis up from the base lodge and leave them at mid-mountain (racks outside). Many racers also bring a day bag to leave at the mid-mountain lodge. There are plenty of hooks to hang your bag. There is a full cafeteria, with a decent selection of food options, inside of the mid-mountain lodge. There is also a full service bar, which is probably best not utilized before your race. The mid-mountain lodge offers a great option for racers to get inside between runs and to warm up before race time. It also has a perfect view of the race hill, so you can watch the race amongst fellow racers. 

Stratton Trail Map


Where to Stay:

Stratton, and the surrounding area, have many lodging options. Here are a few to help get you going. 

Stratton Lodging:

Manchester, VT: (25 min drive)

Located just down Rt. 7 to the West of Stratton, Manchester is a really great town to spend your time off the slopes. From an abundance of lodging options, to great restaurants and shops, Manchester is absolutely worth a look. 

Airbnb / VBRO Options 

There are a number of short-term rental properties in the general area which could also be suitable options for your trip. Other areas to consider would be Winhall, Bondville, Jamaica, and Peru (Bromley). All are close to Stratton and have a number of rental options available. 


Where to Eat:

Stratton has something for everyone, so if you are staying at the mountain, you should not have any issues finding a place to grab a bite. It can get busy though, so reservations and/or going early might be a good option. 


Dunkin & Starbucks

The good news for those staying in Manchester is that you have both options to choose from. For everyone else, you are unfortunately SOL unless you are doing a day trip. In which case it is recommended that you stop by one on your way. 

Mad River Roasters (Stratton Village)

If you’re looking for a morning boost, check this spot out in the village. You won’t be disappointed. 

The Market (Base Lodge)

They make a mean breakfast sandwich. Also have omelets, french toast, and oatmeal, among other things. Save some cash and bring that Ikon Pass.

The Works (Manchester)

Located in downtown Manchester, and nestled along the river, The Works is a great place to stop for a bagel or breakfast sandwich. If you are in a rush and  headed to the mountain, save time and place your order online.

Up for Breakfast (Manchester)

Always! A classic sit down breakfast spot with a crazy delicious menu. 

Dinner - Stratton Area

Stratton Village Dining Options

Red Fox (Winhall) - Currently Closed with new ownership coming in.

New to Town - El Banditos Grill (Bondville - Across from Access Road Entrance)

Unique/Cool - HoneyPie (Jamaica)

A gas station was turned into a burger joint, and you what, it’s kinda awesome! 

Covering the Bases - Family Kitchen Pizzeria - (South Londonderry)

Pizza, Italian, and…Asian? Yep, this place pretty much has you covered and it’s pretty good. 

Dinner - Manchester

Manchester has a great dining scene with a number of great options. Just remember, you have a ski race the next morning! 

Seasons Restaurant

The Crooked Ram

Silver Fork

Gringo Jack’s 


Things to Do:

Bringing family or friends? Maybe they aren’t as into skiing as you and are wondering what to do while you’re out on the slopes. Stratton has a number of fun options for them to consider. From snow tubing to snow shoeing, and fat biking, check out all of the activities Stratton has to offer.


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